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Elysia on Earth

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Provide powerful and compassionate coaching to 

cultivate a global community of confident, heart-centred people creating beautiful and fulfilling lives. 


Read about our clients experiences and successes

November 15, 2015

Lauren helped me overcome my fears and insecurities in writing.  She helped me take a story I was not completely satisfied with, coached me through several edits and as a result I wrote a story I am very proud of. Her coaching was encouraging, uplifting and ultimately gave me the confidence to take on challenges beyond writing by understanding myself better.  I am forever grateful for her expertise in life coaching.

Leeann Murphy

Australian Expat living in Istanbul. Freelance writer.

October 27, 2015

"I started coaching with Lauren over 13 months ago because I was struggling with self doubt about where I should live - my place of birth in the UK or Turkey, where I have lived for many years now. In general I was not feeling great about myself or my relationships with my family who were pressuring me to 'come home'. Through coaching with Lauren I got clear about what was important to me and worked on changes to create the life I desired. Coaching helped me get focussed and stay on track to reach my goals. I’ve made huge improvements in all areas of my life. I’m healthier, more relaxed, more creative, sleep better and enjoy much improved relationships with my family and friends. This Monday morning I woke and imagined people back in the UK dragging themselves out of bed and dreading their day. Then I had a wonderful realisation.... I have no mortgage. I have no rent to pay. I don’t owe anyone money. I’m healthy and happy. 

I’m now very happy with my life in Turkey. “

Jane Atyeo

UK Expat enjoying early retirement in Turkey

July 03, 2015

When i finally decided to start Life Coaching I was quite apprehensive but I had reached a point in my life where I felt I need help and guidance as I wasn’t achieving my potential. I needed to know where I was going wrong and why things were not working out for me the way I had planned.

I toyed with the idea of having some coaching for a long time but like us all I thought I was too busy to invest time in myself. How wrong I was!

Throughout my life I have put obstacles and fears in the way of achieving my dreams, Life coaching allows you to understand what you want from life and gives you the tools and confidence to go out and achieve them!

After my first session I couldn't stop smiling as I knew I had started to take the first steps to changing my life and finally get what I want out of life!

My mentor Lauren is a wonderful coach, she is so supportive and encouraging that I feel I can not fail.

Life is a journey, mine was full of self doubt and having a lack of confidence I always felt I couldn't do things. My mentor has changed that around and made me realize that I am important and change is possible. I no longer need to feel unworthy or ‘ stuck in a rut.’

After only three sessions, LC has helped me discover whats really important to ME and how to get where I want to be. We are designing a life plan and moving forward each week which is totally empowering.

The relief and positiveness I feel now compared to before I started this journey is unbelievable and totally life changing.

I can not thank my mentor Lauren enough for how different I feel already and I cant wait for the next session as my journey progresses.

I would encourage anyone who is considering Life Coaching to get in touch with Lauren, if she can help me she can help you. It takes work, commitment and a willingness to change but the rewards are so worth it.

Lauren is more than a coach, she is the most supportive and positive person I have ever met, I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their life.


Victoria Scaife

UK Expat living in Turkey

October 02, 2014

Lauren's gentle yet motivational approach to life coaching is exactly what I needed to get me started on the road to launching my new business. Her very relaxed and calming manner keep me focused and motivated instead of my usual style of rushing forward with no direction, I have a somewhat hectic schedule. I've only been working with Lauren for a few months and have already noticed a huge difference in my productivity and am readily moving forward with my goals. Lauren's gentle but encouraging ways have enabled me to take chances, face my fears and I am now reaping the rewards.  


Lisa Burton

Starting a new business.

September 03, 2014

Lauren clearly coaches with a passion to see her clients succeed in their lives. She creates such a positive experience that one can't help but make progress. She has an ability to put you at ease, like talking with a best friend, while artfully weaving in challenges and calls-to-action throughout the conversation. Life Coaching with Lauren will leave you feeling supported, encouraged and motivated to succeed.

Dr Richard Baxter GP

General Practioner starting a new bsuiness in UK

August 16, 2014

When I heard about Life Coaching, I wondered, ‘what’s it all about?’ but didn’t think much more about it. 

From the first introductory session with Lauren, I found it really interesting. 

Lauren is very professional, approachable and easy to talk to. She has a nice nature and way of guiding and helping you.

The coaching has made me feel more organised (with the huge task of packing up my life in Turkey and organising my new life in the UK). 

Life Coaching has really helped me. If I had not done the coaching maybe I wouldn’t have achieved as much, because I wouldn’t have been thinking about my goals so much.

I’m telling other people about it. These 3 introductory sessions have really opened my eyes to the benefits of life coaching. Yes, I definitely recommend Life Coaching with Lauren.

Sharon Walmsley

UK expat repatriating. Freelance Hairstylist

August 16, 2014

Life Coaching is pretty cool! I didn’t think it was a big deal to sit down and talk with someone but it actually worked on me. Like, I didn’t realise I did things that were important to me this week but I did a lot. I suppose its because I attached to it, I’m thinking of it. 

I definitely recommend Life Coaching. Especially with Lauren because she’s really cool.

“Lauren, I’m really proud of having you as my Life Coach”.

Zehra Kasli-Walmsley

Turkish teenager relocating to UK and starting high school

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