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Design your life

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Embrace your journey

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Love your destination

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I started coaching with Lauren over 13 months ago because I was struggling with self doubt about where I should live - my place of birth in the UK or Turkey, where I have lived for many years now. In general I was not feeling great about myself or my relationships with my family who were pressuring me to 'come home'. Through coaching with Lauren I got clear about what was important to me and worked on changes to create the life I desired. Coaching helped me get focussed and stay on track to reach my goals. I’ve made huge improvements in all areas of my life. I’m healthier, more relaxed, more creative, sleep better and enjoy much improved relationships with my family and friends. This Monday morning I woke and imagined people back in the UK dragging themselves out of bed and dreading their day. Then I had a wonderful realisation.... I have no mortgage. I have no rent to pay. I don’t owe anyone money. I’m healthy and happy. 

I’m now very happy with my life in Turkey. 

Jane Atyoe, 28 Oct 2015

UK Expat enjoying early retirement in Turkey.

After my first session I couldnt stop smiling as I knew I had started to take the first steps to changing my life and finally get what I want out of life!

After only three sessions, LC has helped me discover whats really important to ME and how to get where I want to be. We are designing a life plan and moving forward each week which is totally empowering.

The relief and positiveness I feel now compared to before I started this journey is unbelievable and totally life changing.

I have negotiated a pay rise at work, learned why I am still single and become more assertive already!

I would encourage anyone who is considering Life Coaching to get in touch with Lauren, if she can help me she can help you. It takes work, commitment and a willingness to change but the rewards are so worth it.

Lauren is more than a coach, she is the most supportive and positive person I have ever met, I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to make positive changes in their life.

Victoria Scaife, 4 July 2015

UK Expat living in Turkey.

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